Fire Department Guns for Raffle

1HenryLever Action Goldenboy.22LR
2HenryLever Action Goldenboy.22LR
3StoegerSide By Side Coach Gun12GAUGE
4UbertiLever Action 1873.45LC
5BrowningPump Action Camo Finish12GAUGE
6Remington887 Tactical Pump Action12GAUGE
8KimberK65 Deluxe Revolver.357MAG
9Mystery Gun
10Springfield ArmoryHellcat9MM
11RugerNew Vaquero Birds Head.357MAG
12Springfield ArmoryXD99MM
16Sig SauerP3659MM
17Sig SauerP365 With Optic9MM
19Glock26 Gen 59x19MM
20Mystery Gun
21UbertiSingle Action Model P.45COLT
22Smith & Wesson637-2.38SPECIAL
23Marlin60 Semi-Auto Rifle.22LR
24RugerAmerican Bolt Action Rifle6.5CREEDMOORE
25RugerPC Semi-Auto Carbine9MM LUGER
26Smith & WessonM&P 15-22.22LR
27RossiSingle Shot Snake Charmer.410 GAUGE
28RossiSingle Shot Snake Charmer.410 GAUGE
29Landor ArmsLever Action Shotgun12 GAUGE
30Landor ArmsRevolver-Action Shotgun.410 GAUGE
33Savage Arms93R1717HMR
34RugerLC9 HiViz9MM
35CZ-USAOver/Under Shotgun20 GAUGE
36RugerLC9 HiViz9MM
37RugerAmerican.243 WIN
38Smith & WessonM&P380 Shield EZ.380 ACP
39Smith & WessonM&P9 Shield EZ9MM
40Savage ArmsBolt Action Rifle6.5CREEDMOORE
41Savage ArmsBolt Action Rifle.30-06
42RugerMark IV Lite Special Edition.22LR
43Mystery Gun
44Smith & Wesson642.38 SPECIAL
45WeatherbySemi-Auto Shotgun20 GAUGE
46WeatherbySemi-Auto Shotgun12 GAUGE
47WinchesterBolt Action Rifle6.5CREEDMOORE
48WinchesterBolt Action Rifle.308 WIN
49Mystery Gun
50Mystery Gun

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